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Sage Dining Services wanted to create a brochure for all the executive chefs that provided inspiration and ideas when creating menus during COVID.


The challenge
Many of the schools that Sage provides food service for started to inquire about creating more exciting food offerings during  COVID. It was impossible to serve food in the normal fashion, everything was delivered as single servings or staff had to make up the plates for students. Overall, there was a lot more work involved to run a COVID safe dining experience at schools.
Sage made a concerted effort to make changes in service, offer more variety, and bring back popular dishes.


The work

We worked with a team of chefs, writers, and dieticians on the recipes to include in the brochure. The creative team took most of the photographs while working with a chef. We also reached out to chefs at schools across the country to take additional photos of dishes. The executive chefs at the schools have found the brochure to be helpful and the clients are more pleased with the outcome of the food offerings.



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