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Sage Dining Services produces a biannual magazine for parents of students that attend the schools that Sage provides food service for.


The challenge
The magazine is not mailed to parents. They only see it when visiting the school and on display in reception areas or distributed at school events. We also create a digital version of the magazine that communication managers at the schools can send out with a link to it.


The work

We strive to develop concepts and visually engaging imagery that will encourage parents to look through the magazine. We also include web extras to keep parents engaged and provide access to additional article and videos.

This issue was produced in the fall during COVID. Sage was running a campaign "Smile with Sage" in the schools they serve. It was a way to remind students that all the Sage servers are smiling behind their masks. In the dining halls there were photos at each food station of the server smiling without their mask. We wanted to let parents know about the campaign in the magazine and, hopefully, bring a smile to their face as well. All imagery in the magazine is original.



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