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Sage Dining Services dieticians decided to launch a new campaign that educates students on all the healthy aspects of eating and making smart choices. They also wanted to get across the message that eating a meal is much more than just the food. We worked with the dieticians on coming up with five concepts around food beyond the meals and healthy associations with food.


The challenge
The challenge was coming up with visuals and messaging in a succinct manner that appeals to a broad audience. Students don't have a lot of time during their lunch break, so we had to develop collateral that was visually appealing and brief in content.


The work

We created a poster with a series of images that support each of the five concepts about food, such as people eating together, beautiful plated food, activities and vegetable gardens. We also created a series of flyers, swapped out on a monthly basis, about each concept that students could read while waiting in line to get their meals.



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