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Sage Dining Services developed a free mobile app that allows visitors to view all the menu items offered for any day of the week. Visitors also have the ability to use allergen filters, write comments and rate the various dishes served.


The challenge
With the onset of COVID-19 Sage faced numerous challenges in providing a good dining experience for students. Most private schools remained opened during COVID and still offered a food service. However, in many instances, the food was brought to a classroom or other areas in the school to reduce the number of people that are gathered. It required Sage to take orders ahead of time from students to ensure they received their requested meal. Sage's mobile app became more essential for students to know what was on offer during the week and place their orders. We had to develop a campaign to raise more awareness on the value of the app and encourage more downloads.


The work

We developed a colorful campaign that consisted of flyers, posters and social media assets. The emphasis on the campaign was to highlight that the mobile app is informative, easy and sThe patterns and colors in the background was influenced by shapes of food, such as pasta, rice or fruit. During our brainstorming with the creative team we came up with three concepts, one for parents and two for students. The poster on the left is based on the lingo teenagers tend to use, the middle poster is primarily for a younger audience which is influenced with the latest trend of unicorns and rainbows. The poster on the right is for parents, with a focus on the facts and value of the app.



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