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Sage Dining Services wanted to update their proposal template and implement the revised brand guidelines.


The challenge
The proposals are printed in-house. They were created to look like a coffee table book, with multiple large images of beautiful food and team members. Each proposal is customized based on the prospective client needs and interest in Sage Dining Services. The template needed to be flexible to change images and customize the copy.


The work

Since the proposal is printed in-house using a color digital printer, which doesn't allow for full-bleed images, large images were still included with a 1/2 inch border. All the colors and fonts were updated to reflect Sage's brand standards. The cover was completely redesigned using a combination of Sage's values and images that visually support the values. It was decided to include the values since these are fundamental to who Sage is as an employer and business partner. A new timeline of Sage's growth was created that is flexible to swap out images and content. Call-outs were added to emphasize facts about Sage's services.



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