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The Challenge
How can a university magazine be something that people actually read, as opposed to serving only as a reminder that a fundraising solicitation is on the way?

The Work
A full redesign began with a strategic editorial decision to change the publication’s name from the University of Baltimore Alumni Magazine to the University of Baltimore Magazine. This decision enabled the piece to be used for multiple purposes, including recruitment, community outreach, institutional positioning and branding. The revised magazine—which includes new features in double-page spreads and a full-page back cover image related to the cover article—introduced more engaging content and recurring departments targeted to a wider audience. Illustrations, photography and infographics replaced dense copy wherever possible to enhance reader engagement.

The revised publication served as the primary communication vehicle to alumni during UB’s latest capital campaign. The campaign exceeded its fundraising goal by 12.5 percent and was the most successful campaign in the institution’s history.

The publication has received multiple awards from national organizations such as Graphic Design USA and the Council of Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).


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